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Grade A pallets are the best you can find, brand-new, and free from repairs.

Grade A Pallets Near Me

When you need to know your shipment arrives safe and sound, nothing beats these containers.
Custom-sized orders will be made from recycled materials, but they also perform like-new. A-class shipping products can be purchased in several grades as well.


Some may use plates, but these are free from support plugs and stringers. You can also find “A” pallets offered in several subgrades from never used to gently used:

  • Premium A 00
  • Premium A 01
  • Plus A 02
  • Standard A 04
  • Standard A 05

Unfortunately, not every pallet service provider is upfront with their inventory’s level of quality. Make sure your shipment has the containers it deserves for smooth and stress-free transportation.

Premium Grade A 00 Pallets

You might also see these sold as Club Pallets or Grade AAA. These pallets are truly new containers, never having seen transportation before.

While pricier than others, they eliminate many maintenance costs for several round trips. Start your shipments off on the right foot with these brand-new wood pallets.

What are the Benefits of Choosing New Wood Pallets?

While used pallets are cheaper, they don’t always hold up how you expect them to. Depending on your supplier, they may not repair them like they should. New wood containers on the other hand are free from travel damage or from rebuilding. There are no plugs, broken slats, or loose decks, just strong, durable lumber. Those pallets you find here and there also aren’t as sanitary as you might need them. Our new containers however, are clean, pristine, and ready to start shipping. While we are huge proponents of pre-owned pallets, we know you sometimes need brand-new ones. See why Atlanta business owners turn to us for their new wood containers.
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Premium Grade A 01 Pallets

Premium 01 wood pallets are also known as Grade AA containers. These might have light chipping here and there, but they likely haven’t seen much use.

Premium A 01 pallets still provide like-new performance and tons of protection. See why these are a favorite for business owners throughout Atlanta, GA.

Grade A Plus 02 Pallets

Grade A 02 pallets are a step above Standard class containers. Beginning with these wood pallets, you start to see combinations of lead boards.

However, they don’t utilize support blocks, and they haven’t had repairs. See several round trips with these affordable pallets and the durability you can trust.

Standard A 05 Wood Pallets

Standard 05 pallets are used as an A-grade container that is durable. These have been used on one or two shipments and still have a lot of life left in them.

These containers are also the most affordable of the premium-class wood pallets. Send your merchandise out into the world protected by our quality shipping products.

Atlanta, GA, Grade B Pallets

Grade B pallets are all previously used and in different grades of decay. Each one has at least some supporting plugs and stringers for performance needs.

Depending on your inventory, you don’t always require a brand-new pallet. Especially for shipments that will make a one-way trip. Grade B containers are a great option for keeping your costs down.

These pallets are offered in three different classes based on their current condition. Premium B 07, Plus B 08, and Standard B 09. They run from sturdiest to most used, respectively.

No matter what items need to be shipped or stored, we offer reliable products every day. Choose us for your affordable Grade B pallets today with Georgia Pallet Solutions.

Premium Grade B Pallet 07

Premium Grade B pallets are the ideal halfway point between new and used containers. These products have far fewer shipping cycles than the others.

Since it has seen little use, they have fewer, if any, blemishes. When you need a practical way to avoid Grade A, choose our Premium B pallets.

Grade B Plus Pallet 08

One step beneath premium containers is our Grade B Plus wood pallets. These containers use at least six boards on top and a minimum of four underneath.

You can likely see several more trips completed with these wooden pallets. Don’t spend more than you need to with our reliable shipping products now.

Standard Grade B 09 Wood Pallet

Standard B pallets are perfect for your storage and warehousing needs. These containers quickly create even rows of merchandise where you keep them stored.

These pallets stack neatly as they have had only a few repairs under their belt. Prevent mishaps, accidents, and broken inventories with these durable and affordable containers.

Shipping Dunnage Atlanta, GA

When you have especially delicate items to ship, you pack them with dunnage products. Shipping dunnage made from cardboard and pallet wood are cost-effective for any merchandise. Best of all, it’s manufactured from pallets and boxes taken out of circulation.

Our products provide plenty of protection for your vulnerable shipment inventories. Not only do they keep products safe, but absorb shock and moisture as well.

When inflated airbags and tissue paper aren’t enough, we offer the dunnage you need most. Choose from our selection of paper, wood, and other shipping solutions, such as:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Wood Dividers
  • Wood Shavings
  • Corrugated Paper
  • Raw Lumber Dunnage
  • Wood Blocking
  • Wood Cribbing
  • Dunnage Bracing

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is popular because it’s highly affordable and versatile when preparing products for shipping. You can either crumple these sheets up or use them to stuff and wrap items.

Kraft paper is also thin, sturdy, and prime for reusing more than once. Even after it’s too worn out, it may be useful for other projects.

Wood Dividers

Sometimes, your things need help staying upright and away from other items. Much like a cubby, we can keep your products separated the simple way.

You can rely on these thin slats to stay organized before, during, and after shipments. Apply them to any box, crate, or container for simplified transportation.

Wood Shavings

Natural wood shavings aren’t only good for pet hamsters, but also for your shipments. These thin, light, and airy additions help to cushion any products.

Use them inside of a wood crate, or pack inside of a cushioned mailer envelope. Whatever tasks you have in mind, we know these shavings will perform well.

Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper offers the affordability of kraft paper with the protection of cardboard boxes. Durable, water-absorbent, and highly sustainable makes it a top choice for many business owners.

You can use them to create customized shipping containers or use in conjunction with others. We believe there is no wrong way to maximize what corrugated paper has to offer.

Raw Lumber Dunnage

Sometimes, the best shipping dunnage does little more than take up free space. By reducing how much room your things have to shift around, they stay safer.

We take discarded wood from pallets and crates that are no longer safe for use. In the end, your merchandise remains protected from harm at affordable costs.

Wood Blocking

Blocking is the name given to wood dunning in the shape of small squares. These small boxy blocks prevent damage and moisture concerns.

While they may appear strange at first, they evenly and efficiently fill in empty space. Blocking is made from discarded lumber, so they come in a variety of sizes.

Wood Cribbing

Wood cribbing allows you to rest some weight of the payload onto a secondary surface. These loose raw lumber products can be stacked or reconfigured however you’d like.

Unlike dunnage that fills space, cribbing works together to prevent damages. Protect the products that matter most with our reliable and affordable cribbing options.

Dunnage Bracing

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to have a shipping container but you also need a way to prevent shifting. From military crates to food and beverage items, dunnage bracing plays a vital transportation role.

Whether you need custom braces or standard ones, we carry durable wood materials every day. Keep your shipments safer by preventing your inventory from moving around in transit.

Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord Boxes have a long history within the world of shipping. As a product that has seen use since at least 1955, they continue being practical.

Because of their unique shape and size, they can store a diverse range of items. Plus, they utilize two or even three walls of protection with dense corrugated materials.

These containers are as large as a single pallet, and they hold many bulk items. You may also know them by many different other names, such as:

  • Bulk Box
  • Bulk Bin
  • Skid Box
  • Pallet Box
  • Octabin
  • PM 80
  • HPT 41
  • Range Boxes
  • Melon Boxes
  • Corrugated Totes
  • D Containers
  • E Containers
  • And others

No matter how many products you ship at once, we always have the ideal containers. Choose from our inventory of affordable Gaylord Boxes today.

Wood Crates Near Me

When all of your items don’t fit within the same box, wood crates save the day. These handy containers are still seeing use several decades after their introduction.

Most often, these products are used to transport automotive parts and completed vehicles. Other uses include protecting fine china, art, and other highly breakable items.

You can call on us to fulfill orders for any design needed for wood crates. Contact us now to see the containers your merchandise deserves with affordable options in:

  • Frame Crates
  • Open Crates
  • Closed Crates
  • Stitched Crates
  • Wire-Bound Crates
  • Military Shipping Crates
  • Vehicle Shipping Crates
  • Display Crates
  • Fine Art Crates
  • And other shipping containers

No matter what your brand manufactures or sells, we have the perfect shipping containers. Choose your durable wood crates now with our wide selection of products.

Frame Crates

As their name suggests, frame crates appear as little more than a few attached boards. However, with some products, that is all the protection that they need.

Primarily, heavy machinery and equipment rely on them for quick and straightforward transportation. Prevent scratches, dings, and damaged electronics with our affordable frame crates today.

Open Crates

What starts as a frame crate receives outer sheathing with additional support boards. Once constructed, they resemble the classic “milk bottle” style of wood crates.

You can see farmers and fruit stands utilize them for fresh produce. Thanks to the spaced slats, your inventory enjoys enough ventilation to avoid spoiling or damage.

Closed Crates

More than one Hollywood film has relied on closed crates to create suspense in their story. Fully enclosed, your products are safe and sound within their box.

The closing boards are attached with nails to prevent them from popping off. When you need to know your shipments are safe, choose our closed crates.

Stitched Crates

Stitched crates can usually only make one trip before it wears out. Luckily, these are mostly used to transport easily bruised fruits like tomatoes and peaches.

These containers also have triangle-shaped coverings over the corners to allow them to stack. Prepare for your farmer’s market stall today with our stitched crates.

Wire-Bound Crates

Wire-bound crates build off of stitched ones and add reinforced metal support. Not only do products rest on weaved wires, but it wraps around the outside as well.

These containers are a great alternative to stitched ones alone and may see another trip. See the level of durability your shipments require with our affordable wood crates.

Military Shipping Crates

The armed forces often employ specific standards for their shipping and storage needs. When you need military-grade crates, we are your Atlanta provider.

Thick, durable, and enclosed, these crates can move items free from wandering eyes. Whether you manage an armed forces facility or prefer their design, we carry them all.

Vehicle Shipping Crates

How do you send a vehicle out with something large enough to keep it fully protected? Thanks to the innovation of these crates, nothing is too large to transport.

From collector cars to resale clients, you need a box that holds up. Protect your vehicles with these shipping crates that never quit under pressure.

Display Crates

Savvy business owners know that there is never a bad time to advertise. Why not transform your wood crates into mobile billboards for your brand?

Whether you work expos and trade shows or face the public, choose these striking containers. We can apply graphics and logos to your wood crates for advertising wherever you go.

Fine Art Crates

These crates offer a lot of space and added padding to protect the precious cargo within. From fine art, fine china, and antiques, these containers defend them all.

We can even customize these boxes to better suit paintings or sculptures. Whatever you need to transport, you can rely on Georgia Pallet Solutions.

How Did the Gaylord Box Get Its Name?

The Gaylord Box has an interesting name that is sure to turn some heads. While it may sound like a code word or secret operation, it’s a brand name.

The first company to create these containers was the Gaylord Container Corporation. Until 1985, the brand fell under Crown Zellerbach until a hostile takeover.

The James River Corporation first bought them, followed by Georgia-Pacific, in the year 2000. Today, they still hold the rights to the Gaylord Box, even though the name still sticks.

People use the term “Gaylord Box,” much like they would “Kleenex” to mean facial tissues. While it’s not the only company to manufacture, they are the most recognizable for:

  • Powdered Products
  • Bulk Items
  • Recycling Industry
  • Scrap Materials
  • Books/Magazines
  • Clothing Items
  • Produce/Grocery
  • Random Lots
  • Herbs/Spices
  • Grains and Pasta
  • Demolition Equipment
  • Electronics and Cables
  • And practically anything else

Which is the Best Pallet Grade for Me?

The first question on every business owner’s mind is what pallet grade they need most. With that being said, the answer is going to depend primarily on what it will be used for.

Pallets that will only store and warehouse your inventory don’t need much shock absorption. You can easily use used or Grade B pallets to keep products safe.

Other times, you may need as much protection as you can possibly get for vulnerable shipments. When you need the added peace of mind, you need Grade A pallets.

Other factors to consider are the distance your shipments will travel and how. When in doubt, contact us to discuss all your transportation and storage needs. We can help you choose the right options for what you need. 

Why Are There So Many Choices for Shipping Products?

When you are relatively new to the game, you may feel overwhelmed by your choices. How can you possibly pick one container for all your products and shipments?

One reason why there are so many unique products is the versatility of lumber. When you have uniform rows of raw wood, you can combine them in many configurations.

Even after a pallet, crate, or box wears out completely, it can still offer use. Containers may go on to create landscape mulching, dunnage, and other supportive products.

You can likely find shipping containers for any dimensions or weight of products. When you need help narrowing down your options, contact us to learn about your choices.    

Do You Carry Grade C Wood Pallets?

Another question we encounter frequently is whether or not we carry Grade C pallets. Usually, we do not keep these containers in our inventory because they are unpredictable.

Grade C wood pallets have already seen plenty of transportation with many round trips. Depending on what they were carrying, they may even be entirely worn out.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere, including back at your store or storage center. Even while making short trips with a forklift, you could see your inventory crash.

While we do carry affordable wood shipping containers, we stop stocking them when they become too dangerous. Prevent accidental injury to your staff and products and choose our durable wood pallets today.

Which Shipping Dunnage is Best for My Products?

As is the case with crates and pallets, shipping dunnage offers a range of solutions. However, choosing the one that suits you the best comes down to your inventory.

Dunnage products can offer protection against three primary threats to your merchandise. They are direct impacts, moisture damage, and physical shock.

Direct impacts usually take place when transporting from storage to vehicles. Moisture, on the other hand, can happen virtually anywhere.

Shock damage happens when they are dropped or from vibrations during transport. No matter what concerns your products face, we always have the best dunnage products available.

Which is Better: Plastic or Wood Shipping Materials?

Business owners today want the best possible shipping products at low costs. Oftentimes, plastic seemingly beats out lumber in many different areas.

However, one of the few fields where wood reigns supreme is with shipping products. Not only are these materials affordable and convenient, but they are durable as well.

Although plastic can take a significant beating, they don’t always hold up. Once one section takes on damage, the rest of the container becomes challenging to use.

Wood shipping containers can continue receiving repairs for several trips away and home again. When you need lasting protection for a range of products, we carry the fullest inventory.

How Sustainable are Wood Shipping Containers?

Another concern that companies have is the level of sustainability their shipping containers offer. Once again, many eyes dart immediately to plastic without finding out more.

While plastic is often made with recycled materials, they aren’t as durable. Instead, repurposed lumber stays tough, even after several uses.

Plastic is porous, soft, and doesn’t hold up to higher heat temperatures. Wood, on the other hand, can take a beating and absorbs moisture in any setting.

Once they are no longer used to transport merchandise safely, they are repurposed. Recycled wood products can be seen in many different forms, keeping them sustainable and affordable.

What is the Weight Limit of a Wood Pallet?

Many people allow a wood pallet’s stature to fool them into thinking they are weak. A brand-new container will easily maintain a payload up to 4,500 pounds.

Wood pallets on their last legs might not be as strong but they still offer use. While you wouldn’t want to overload them, you can find used containers more affordable.

Some factors to consider are: How tall do you intend to stack each row? How soon will you need to transport them from one spot to the next?

The lower the grade of lumber, the less total weight it can carry. If you need assistance in choosing yours, contact us directly. We’d be more than happy to help. 

Atlanta Wood Shipping Products Near Me

No one offers a better selection throughout Atlanta, GA. Choose Georgia Pallet Solutions today.

Standard Grade A 04

When your pallets see some use, usually as storage, they take on a few chips. However, they are reasonably cosmetic and they don’t weaken the lumber.

What you won’t see is evidence of repairs, maintenance, or rebuilding. Give your inventory affordable new wood pallets with plenty of performance left.